Why We Are The Excel Experts

And How We Try To Do IT

Why We Are ‘The Excel Experts’

The Excel Experts

Frome is a great little town resting in the Mendip Hills, and it’s where I (Ben) live.  Its a thriving place with loads of businesses small and not so small.  The idea of ExcelFrome was to think small – offering Excel expertise to the community whether it be locally in Frome, or nearby in Bristol, Bath and the surrounding areas.

Gradually, I was approached by other talented individuals who had huge expertise in Excel, and the idea of running an  Excel agency started to take root.

There are other agencies, the challenge was to do something different. I hope you agree we have managed to do that.

Caring For Our Customers

Customers: Our client relationship is important to us, we want to make you happy! At ‘The Excel Experts’ we strive to provide the best possible customer care and satisfaction. We will only invoice once our clients are 100% satisfied with the services. We will also provide after-sales service and support for as long as it is needed. We promise to always respond to any questions or queries you have within 24 hours.

Caring for The Environment

Environment: We will do everything we can to limit our carbon footprint. This means using video conferencing whenever possible to reduce the need for cars, to save CO2 emissions. We also use environmentally-friendly computers and laptops.

Caring For Our Locality

We always aim to work with local businesses as much as possible. Promoting our services to local businesses. In IT services it can become ‘faceless’. We want our clients to be able to see us, in person and preferably somewhere we can both get to by foot. We enjoy using local cafes and venues to have our meetings. We also use a Frome-based accountant. We are proud to live in Frome and we want to continue supporting this thriving, independent and local economy.

What We Think You Want

  • You want a local, UK consultant for your Excel project.
  • You want a pair of trustworthy hands or a safe place for a tricky software development problem.
  • When you call us you talk to the boss and the developers themselves not a call centre.
  • Excel is an untapped goldmine for many businesses. A potential powerhouse sitting on your desktop.
  • You are looking for someone who will CARE about your business. Someone who will help you meet your software challenges.
  • You want a team of experienced developers/consultants to join your team. With many years of combined experience at solving analytical problems with Microsoft Office. Also with direct experience in many different areas of business.
  • You want help to create a clear brief, finished to a clear deadline. The whole project transparent and crystal clear.

For further help in understanding Excel please call or contact us.

Examples Of The Work We Have Done