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The following table shows examples of a few of the vast range of projects we have work on, and the average prices that clients have paid for these solutions.

These prices are for rough guidance only, the actual cost could vary significantly according to the work involved.

Project TypeAverage Prices
Stock control system£700
A sheet of charts, pivots and graphs£250
Complex Data Input Form£150
Advanced Data Model£400
Complete Order Processing System£700
Simple changes to an Existing workbook£200
Data Import Functionality eg. CSV£200
XML Reader£250
Basic Sharepoint Configuration£300
Export Excel file to Power Point£350
Quotation & Pricing Tools£1300
Web (CMS) Data Imports & Exports£800
Outlook customization£350

Project Type
Average Price

Stock Control System
A sheet of charts, pivots and graphs
Complex Data Input Form
Advanced Data Model
Complete Order Processing System
Simple changes to an Existing workbook
Data Import Functionality eg. CSV
XML Reader
Basic Sharepoint Configuration
Export Excel file to Power Point
Quotation & Pricing Tools
Web (CMS) Data Imports & Exports
Outlook Customization

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