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Excel Macros

Excel Macros: SPEED UP Excel. Save unnecessary mouse clicks and time spent using Excel. Time is money-and using Excel Macros simply makes sense.

Here are three ways that investing in Excel Macros can save you time and money-by letting your PC do the hard work for you!

Make Excel work HARDER for you increase your productivity, save money … 


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Some Of Our Clients and what they say about us

Your solution has saved us hundreds of hours.

C. Wills

It just works, well done.

T. Ravens

Great work, a real-time saver.


In our firm, your name is ‘God’.

I. Williams

I did the June stock takes this morning sing this – it was fantastic, thank you so much, it usually take me four to six hours, it took less than five minutes!

… Would it be possible to put the word lost in?

“We were concerned that our requirements for a spreadsheet would get lost in translation given the specialist nature of our requirement, however Ben has been fantastic, managing to interpret our non technical jargon into a working solution which we are delighted with. Thank you Ben, I hope we get to work on another project with you in the future”

A. Knill, Mail Order Company

Very pleased with the service provided by ExcelFrome and would highly recommend. They were extremely knowledgeable, very understanding and patient and delivered an excellent solution.

R. Ackroyd

Great to do business with. Highly recommend them

G. Dabliz

I found Ben very helpful in providing a really good service for updating spreadsheets and sorting out glitches and issues. I know nothing about Excel so knowing that he is available is reassuring. Many Thanks!

J.H. Davies

A first rate service from a helpful top professional.

B. Cooper

Specialist Excel consultants offering spreadsheet help and VBA programming.

The basics of Excel Macros

  1. Microsoft Excel is very powerful-use its potential today, by putting the power of Excel Macros to work for you

  • Unlock more of the true power of Excel-power that can be made to work for YOU. Improving your efficiency in Excel will save you time, and time is money!

2.  Reduce repetition

  • Do you find yourself thinking, “This process is so longwinded-can’t I do it faster?”  Yet you still spend countless hours going through manual processes to get the job done. Investing in Excel Macros can streamline your processes, because Excel can be automated to do repetitive things OVER AND OVER AGAIN-plus, it is very fast and accurate.

3.  Put Excel on Steroids

  • Automate your data analysis using Excel features such as Pivot Tables, Data Models, Formulas and Functions. Then, use Macros to push your productivity to the next level.  You can create amazing interactive dashboard reports to crunch data faster than you thought possible-allowing you to create that series of reports with a single click of a button.

For further help in understanding Excel, please call or contact us.

The kinds of questions our customers ask us.

If the change is fairly small, it is likely that your macro can be quite easily updated.

If what you do changes substantially, then you may need to create a new one from scratch


It’s also quite common for a button to display a form of some sort, that asks a question or for some information to be input.

Excel Macros Case Studies

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