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About Us

BenExcel Developer/Director/Owner
I originally called my company 'The Excel Experts' wanting to target local businesses. This didn’t happen so much, most of our clients are from anywhere BUT Frome! So now we are renamed ‘The Excel Experts’
The best thing about running, an Excel Agency, is the very real contributions we make, to our clients lives. We often save people hours of drudgery and repetition on a DAILY basis. That MUST be increasing their well-being.
I wanted to offer a friendly and enthusiastic face for Excel.
I hope I am succeeding.
JamesExcel Developer & Guru
A hybrid of techy Excel geek and business-marketing strategist I started Tangerine in ’98 to focus on leveraging retailer loyalty data on behalf of consumer goods brands and delivering transactional data analysis and modelling solutions.

I asked Ben as a fellow Excel Developer to support me in 2007 to put some structure and automation around a series of integrated Excel, SPSS & MapInfo tools, collectively called the FMC-G-Model™, designed to forecast the store-level impact of FMCG marketing activity on the grocery trade and measure/maximise operational-effectiveness and ROI.

I am working with 'The Excel Experts' to deliver Excel-centric applications for local businesses.

KeithAccountant & Excel Developer
I have been working with Excel since 1999 and have developed various Excel models and tools for the companies for which I have worked. These include annual trading budget templates for a well-known UK supermarket group, and creating a Fixed Asset reporting model for a large London-based housing association (gross assets of £1.5bn).

With one or two exceptions, I have worked in the Food Retail sector (best part of 20 years) and Social Housing sector (5 years) during my working life.

I am a qualified Chartered Management Accountant (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants – CIMA) and have worked within finance since 1999.

When creating solutions in Excel, I aim for user-friendliness and functionality.
I also speak and understand Brazilian Portuguese.

AndyExcel Developer/Databases
I have more than 20 years of experience in IT Development, mostly in the field of SQL Databases, Excel RAD Development, Analysis and small Project Management.

I have worked with many major clients, including JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, RBS, Schroeders, and Fidelity, as well as with smaller clients outside the City.

GinaExcel Consultant/Microsoft Office certified trainer
Gina is a qualified CIMA accountant who worked for over a decade in the Finance department of a US Investment Bank before becoming an Excel Consultant and Microsoft Office Trainer.

Gina loves ‘fixing spreadsheets’ and making people’s working life more efficient, whether it be through using formulas in Excel, rules in Outlook, styles and headings in Word or grouping and alignment in PowerPoint.

RobExcel Developer (Ecommerce and Product based Business)
My background is in managing my own and others small product based businesses in retail, wholesale and manufacture, in most cases employing less than 50 people. It was after discovering Excel and Office 95 that I switched to small business IT having first traded on-line in 1995.

The last 20 years has been an interesting journey always putting good business practice and profitability before the technical demands of an ever changing IT environment. While primarily working with VBA I’m also experienced in HTML, JavaScript, PHP & MYSQL. I have built a large library of work that I am constantly adding to and that can be adapted for use by other businesses.

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