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Excel Accounting & Stock Control

Every business deals with money, and it is vitally important for all businesses to monitor their cash flow. Tracking and reporting on activities that affect or might potentially affect cash flow is an integral part of this.

Here at ‘The Excel Experts’ , we provide simple, easy-to-use and highly effective accounting tools for Excel, enabling businesses and entrepreneurs of all sizes to manage and develop their business.

How Excel can help with accounting and stock control

Analyse Data FAST

We provide accountancy-based Excel solutions for businesses of all sizes and in all manner of industries. If you need an existing financial spreadsheet overhauled to make it more efficient and user-friendly, that’s what we do! We can also implement or expand upon your own ideas or requests to make Excel accounting and stock control work for you.
Whether it’s a simple income and expenditure account, a cash flow forecast, something to track your inventory – or anything else – ‘The Excel Experts’ can help.

Stock control

All stock has a value, and needs to be accounted for. Also, it needs to be in the right place at the right time – so Excel stock control works hand in glove with Excel accounting.

We are commissioned to carry out a lot of work in this area – this can range from bespoke worksheets for calculating stock requirements, to applications, and everything in between – including hybrid software to handle both warehouse and E-commerce operations.

The main drawback of off-the-shelf stock control software is that it tries to be everything at once, to meet the needs of many different types of businesses – and even if it is designed for your wider business niche, it will never be a 100% bespoke fit for your exact requirements.
For most businesses, stock control is not usually all that complex, and a bespoke Excel solution is often the most cost-effective solution to provide bespoke-tailored software that is designed and implemented just for you.
Contact ‘The Excel Experts’ now for advice on accounting and stock control with Excel, or to get a specialist Excel consultant on your team.

Excel Accounting & Stock Control Case Studies