The ‘The Excel Experts’guide to Excel Errors


'The Excel Experts' guide to Excel Errors Whether you’re a seasoned Excel professional, a casual spreadsheet user or anything in between, the chances are you’ve experienced one or two problems when using Excel formulas. Errors in your formulas can get in the way of what you’re trying to do, make [...]

Order Tracking and Invoicing Spreadsheet


Order Tracking and Invoicing System We built the Order tracking and Invoicing system for a film processing agency that wanted to keep track of their clients orders as they passed through their factory. Information from the arrival package was scanned into the system and the relevant information extracted and stored in an [...]

Property Portfolio Management Spreadsheet


Property Portfolio Management Spreadsheets Using Excel Dashboards, we built the property portfolio workbook for an estate agency, to help them to keep track of their clients’ property portfolios and investments. The idea  […]

Estimated Driving Times


Environmental Modelling – Monitoring and Models Environmental modelling and monitoring with estimated driving times can play a vital role in spacial data analysis. Customer address lists can be fed into a GIS system, and processed… Customer address lists can be fed into a GIS system and processed to find out how local [...]

Daily work orders updated automatically in Excel


Daily work orders updated automatically in Excel Drawing data from one spreadsheet and inserting it into another spreadsheet is a very common and time consuming process in the business environment.  A process that can be speeded up considerably using vba to automate the process.  This is easier the more standard the [...]