Postcode Analysis

What postcodes can say about you or your clients

What does a postcode say about you or your clients? We cut down trees and turn them into junk mail-surely anything that can reduce wastage is a good thing. Postcode analysis can help save the environment.

Most people don’t generally mind getting marketing information about things that are relevant and of interest to them. Postcode analysis can help target the right audience, save resources and everyone can be a little happier.

Postcodes often say something about your clients, it can tell you how far away they are from somewhere and often it can say something about their social economic status, age and even interests.  Now this is the kind of information that can be useful in your next marketing campaign.

One of our clients was a marketing consultancy specializing in data-modelling, segmentation and evaluation solutions for the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry. Working closely with them over a number of years innovating systems using mainly Excel, SPSS and MapInfo we predicted the best postcodes our clients should mailshot too drive the maximum uplift in their stores.