Improvements with Excel in 2017

Excel has gained many new features and improvements this year, with even better features announced for release next year. This year's updates include better background removal of images, support for collaborative editing, and automatic file saving. The features added this year have helped to make Excel better for both collaboration and note-taking. Better Background Removal [...]

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Productivity Is Key

At 'The Excel Experts' we like to try out new writing talent. This short story was written by a young lady in America.  I like it, what do you think? Productivity Is Key Business owners can find keeping up with speed in changes in technology difficult.  Proactive business owners understand that [...]

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How to Integrate Excel into Your Web Applications

Learning how to Integrate Excel into your web applications will definitely improve your presence on the Internet. Savvy online consumers are looking for quick, easy to understand information on products and services, our Excel specialists have a lot of experience in this field and are please to offer the following advice on integration. Transferring Data [...]

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Common Excel Errors

  Whether you’re a seasoned Excel professional, a casual spreadsheet user or anything in between, the chances are that you’ve experienced one or two problems when using Excel formulas. Errors in your formulas can get in the way of what you’re trying to do, make your spreadsheet look messy or just [...]

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5 Reasons to chose Microsoft Excel over Open Office Calculator

If you are an IT specialist or an accountant, you may need the services of a suite that has a spreadsheet format. The most commonly used service provider for this is Microsoft with their renowned Microsoft Excel. However, other players have entered the market and provided similar products such as Apache Open Office with their [...]

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Work Order Control spreadsheet

Our client came to us with a brief to produce a Work Order Control spreadsheet. A customer would send electrical engineering work orders to our client on a daily basis. The client would then assign these orders to a company meter engineer. This was achieved by searching the work schedule to place an available engineer [...]

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World Champion of Excel? It’s a real thing and here’s how it works

A person can become a skilled user of just about anything. With that in mind, it's not surprising that there is a contest that discovers who is most proficient at using Microsoft Excel -- it's called the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship. The Benefits of Becoming Proficient With Excel If a person is going to [...]

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Excel Development Portfolio #1.

Excel Development portfolio #1. A short list of some of the Excel solutions we have crafted.  Is your problem here?   Property Portfolio Management Spreadsheet We built the Property Portfolio Workbook for an estate agency that wanted to keep track of their clients portfolios of property investments. more Stocks and Shares performance monitor The client [...]

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3 Industries which can benefit from Excel consultancy

Excel is often seen as a standard for accountancy, doing simple maths and the filing of numeric data. The truth is though that Excel can do a lot more, the power of Excel just simply isn't appreciated by many industries. Here are 3 different industries which could be made much more efficient by a full [...]

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